Created in 2016, WPRC began as small community of shooters competing in non-sanctioned precision rifle matches. As the number of shooters began to grow, so did the venue. Starting in 2018, WPRC began shooting at Highlands Sportsmens Club in Cascade, WI. The new range afforded longer distance shooting opportunities and a home for unique shooting props.

In 2019, WPRC hosted the first annual Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic, a two-day PRS sanctioned Pro Series Match. This match highlights all the Wisconsin precision rile industry supporters including 7 barrel makers.

The WPRC community is based around supporting one another to succeed. Whether you are a brand-new shooter and need to borrow a rifle or seasoned veteran looking for your first win, we will help you be your very best. If you think you want to get involved, we want you to come get to know us. We think you’ll find this is one of the greatest groups of people around.

2024 Match Calendar

  • March 23rd, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available February 25th, 7pm
    • Public tickets available February 27th, 7pm
  • April 20th, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available March 24th, 7pm
    • Public tickets available March 26th, 7pm
  • May 18th, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available April 21st, 7pm
    • Public tickets available April 23rd, 7pm
  • June 15th, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available May 19th, 7pm
    • Public tickets available May 21st, 7pm
  • July 13th, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available June 16th, 7pm
    • Public tickets available June 18th, 7pm
  • August 17th, 2024 - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • Member tickets available July 14th, 7pm
    • Public tickets available July 16th, 7pm
  • September 14th, 2024 - WPRC FINALE MATCH - Columbus Sportsmans Association, Columbus WI
    • WPRC Members will receive invitation via email.

Each event has tickets for sale, they are capped at the capacity available for the range.  Columbus is capped at 120, Lodi is capped at 120.  Tickets go on sale to WPRC members first, if you are a member, login to the website, come to this page and the event will be shown below.  Non WPRC members will be able to come to the site and see the event and register via guest registration 2 days after members, dates shown above.

WPRC Series Rules

These rules are NOT meant to be broken. Oblige and we promise the best of experiences at our matches.


WPRC members get priority registration beginning the evening of the match prior.  General registration opens Monday evening after the prior match.  Registration and payment will take place in the above event links.

Please be careful to select the right options when checking out with match registration, see below.  READ the PRS rules for definition on Division and Categories, don't just select what you feel suits you.  PRS rules:

Division (*see rules book for more details)

  • Open (anything up to .30 cal, 3,200 fps max)
  • Tactical (.308 and .223 calibers)
  • Production (unmodified rifle less than $2,500, optic less than $2,500)
  • Gas Gun (large or small frame semi-auto precision rifles without restrictions)

Categories (*see rules book for more details)

  • N/A
  • Junior (18 years or younger)
  • Lady (female)
  • Military/Law (active)
  • Senior (55 years or older)

WPRC will have a season-end Finale, that will have a stacked prize table.  To qualify for the Finale, you need to have shot at least two regular-season matches, AND be a WPRC member.

Please see our FAQ's here:

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