Welcome to the 5th season of MPRC!!!  Created in 2019, MPRC has been steadily growing and expanding the match experience we provide.  Since its inception, developing the shooter has been our focus; ensuring new shooters feel comfortable and are assisted in their involvement is a point of pride for MPRC.
2023 will bring a few exciting additions - MPRC is bringing two mover systems on-line this year, and MTC is bringing one.  That means the potential for up to three movers in a single match!  We've also added another shipping container with multiple windows; this project will be completed over the course of the 2023 season.  The addition of another shipping container on Lane 2 at MTC, provides three elevated stage locations, at two different heights.

As part of our dedication to expanding the sport, and supporting our shooters, we have two loaner rifles available for new MPRC shooters, or those who's rifle has gone down.  
One rifle belongs to MPRC and is chambered in 6.5 creedmoor, with all parts and labor donated by- Tuebor Precision(action), PDC Customs(chassis), Trijicon(scope), Bartlein Barrels(barrel), TriggerTech(trigger), Masterpiece Arms(scope mount), MDT(magazines), Spinners Fit and Chamber(barrel fitting), Fosnaugh Custom Rifles(cerakoting).  Email Nate ( to check availability for a specific match date.  Ammunition is provided by MPRC, and your match entry fee is waived for a new shooter using the demo rifle.

The second rifle belongs to and was built by Chad Heckler of 5x5 Precision; it is chambered in 6 Dasher, and built to identical specifications as his AG Cup winning rifle.  Email Chad ( to check availability for a specific match date.  Ammunition is provided by 5x5 Precision, and your match entry fee is waived for a new shooter using the demo rifle.

With such great things happening at MPRSC, and such an easy way to get started, if you've been on the sidelines, thinking about getting involved with PRS style competitions, it's time to jump in!  Come watch a match, shoot your first match, or assist with set-up, tear down, and RO duties.  Just don't keep waiting for that "right" moment, or it may very well pass you by!

MPRC Series Rules

These rules are NOT meant to be broken. Oblige and we promise the best of experiences at our matches.


Be sure to sign-in, to include MPRSC and MTC waivers before using the zero range.

Points at MPRSC will be calculated using the same formula as outlined in the PRS Rule book (top shooter by score receives 100 points, shooters below receive points figured as a percent of their score vs the top shooter).

MPRSC will follow the 2020 PRS Rule Book, some addendums may be made for our specific club and to account for our host range's needs. Any modifications will be addressed at match brief.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules before competing.

While MPRSC will log scores for the separate divisions for the PRS Regional Series, divisional recognition at the club level is dependent upon turnout for each division.  For more information specific to PRS, matches themselves, and equipment, please see FAQ's

  • 2020 MPRSC Match fees will be $65.
  • MPRSC Members in good standing receive a $5 discount
  • Payment runs through this website (click on the match above to be taken to the product page).
  • After paying, you will be redirected to the Practiscore match page to complete your registration.
  • Registration will open exactly one month prior to the match @ 1700 EST.
  • Registration closes at 1900 EST the Wednesday prior to the match.

Typical MPRSC match will consist of 80-110 rounds, and 8-12 stages.
Match day schedule:

  • 0700 Sign-in & Zero Range
  • 0730 RO Brief
  • 0745 Zero Range & Sign-in closed
  • 0800 Match Brief
  • 0830 Range goes hot, match begins at firing line down-range
  • 1200 Range goes cold, move to 1000 yard line; brief lunch break
  • 1230 Move to 1k firing line (shoot hill)
  • 1730 Range goes cold

MPRSC will have a season-end Finale, that should have a rather well-stocked prize table.  To qualify for the Finale, you need to have shot at least two regular-season matches, and be an MPRSC member.  Finale will have a banquet provided after the match.

* Two-day PRS Pro-Series match.     **Friday match, brief at 11:30am @ the tree farm 4 miles south of MTC on the big curve in M66.  ***MPRSC Finale by invitation only, requires MPRSC Membership and two regular-season matches.

Please see our FAQ's here:

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