Fund the shipping container structure


Assist funding the materials to complete the shipping container structure for MPRC & MTC!  Get as many $10 incriments as you like!



We (MPRC and MTC) would really like to see the structure finished, but there’s still a lot of cost involved with materials.

MTC purchased the lower boxes a few years back, and put decking on 75% of it.  This initial outlay was upwards of $9000; MPRC purchased the upper box two years ago from WPRC- investing about $2500 after equipment rental to place it.  We then spent about another $1200 on steel last year.

But we still have around $9000 in structural steel, $4000 in lumber, and about $1200 in paint and stain that we have to come up with.

This will get us a deck over and off the back of the upper box, a built in PRS Skills Stage Barricade on the upper box, a roof over the whole thing, steel railings meeting OSHA requirements, all the way around, and finally, closable and lockable port holes on the downrange facing lower box, offering a fourth possible stage location (top of upper box, inside upper box, on deck of lower boxes, and inside forward lower box).  If we end up with enough money before the paint flies, a second set of stairs to the top of the first set of boxes, providing smoother transitions onto and off of the boxes.

MTC is working other fantastic range improvement projects with their available funds; MPRC doesn’t have much room in the budget, and family health issues are getting in the way of running the fundraiser matches.  And we have been constantly hearing the same thing – “we don’t have it in the budget for cash sponsorship” when reaching out to sponsors.

So, after having someone mention they would like to donate, I figured perhaps I should make doing so easy for everyone.

You are not actually purchasing a product here; you are helping to fund the materials to complete the shipping container structure.

As you can see, $10 “buys” you “one” of nothing.  So if you wanted to help with $20, you would “buy” two.  If you wanted to help with $200, you would buy 20.  $500, you would “buy” 50.  So on and so fourth for whatever $10 increment you were interested in assisting with.