Mitten Mayhem
Individual Hunter  & Team Field Match

June 18 & 19, 2022

Registration Opens May 9th - 7pm EST

After fielding many inquiries into MPRC putting on a match of various field-type formats such as; team, hunter and tactical formats, we've heard your requests and put together something different for you!  Nate & Lisa Whitehead, Bob Corby, and Russ Ciaramella have worked hard putting together a match where the main goals are to provide a match different from the norm, 100% focused on the fun of shooting practical precision rifle, and at a lower price point than normal.

Our Gaylord location, new for this year, is a short 15-20 minutes from downtown Gaylord, a fishing, hunting, golf and outdoors Mecca, you'll be a short 50 minute drive to the Mackinaw bridge and ferry to the island, an hour to Traverse City, and two hours to Michigan Wine Country in the Leelanau Peninsula; we really couldn’t ask for more!  Come for a match, stay for a vacation!

This new property promises to be the best Michigan location for a match yet; 685 acres of land at our disposal; numerous buildings and barns, wide open fields with considerable micro-terrain features, extensive forested areas all comes together to make for a very fitting location for this type of match.  We'll have ample parking, and plenty of space for camping (no hook-ups!).

Event Details

As this is a new format of match, in a new location, we're doing an introductory price of $225.  Most two day matches these days are going for upwards of $300.  Our hope is, the lower price point and round count will make the weekend more accessible to our club match regulars, who shy away from the costs associated with a PRS Pro-Series match.

To streamline the planning, preparation, and administrative aspects of running a match, we won't be providing all meals or shirts, nor will there be a prize table.  However, we will feed you lunch on Saturday, and Dinner on Sunday when trophies are handed out.

We will have sixteen stages over two days; 8 for the Hunter segment (shot individually) and 8 for the Team segment.  Most stages will be blind or semi-blind, with 4-5 minute par times.  Maximum round count for the Hunter match is 64, and 80 for the Team match.

Few if any target ranges will be provided to you, but you will have sufficient time to range the targets yourself.  As a true field match, you should wear your hiking shoes, and try to keep your pack light.  The Hunter firing line has all eight stages spaced out along ½ mile; you WILL have some walking ahead of you through mild to moderate terrain.

Friday June 17th:
-0900: Sign-in and Sight-in
-1140: Club match Brief
-1700: Sign-in and Sight-in close
-1700: Club match concludes

Saturday, June 18th:
-0730: Match brief
-0745: Move to stages
-0800: Range hot
-1200: Lunch served on stages
-1700: Day 1 concludes

Sunday, June 19th:
-0730: Match brief
-0745: Move to stages
-0800: Range hot
-1600: Match concludes
-1630: Dinner and awards

Team Format Info

These stages will require mild problem solving, distribution of tasks, and team work to complete.    Most stages are left fairly open-ended; meaning, it’s up to the team how they accomplish the required end-state.

For Example:
The team will split between two positions- one inside the building, one next to the building.  There are a total of six targets; half (3) of which will be engaged by each shooter with two rounds each; six targets in total, 3 engaged by shooter one, 3 engaged by shooter two.  Radio’s provided at positions for communication.

In this example stage, the team must decided who goes to what location, and which targets are shot by who; targets may vary in size (moa), they may be at six different distances, or maybe only two distances.  The team will have to take these factors into consideration and account for individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  Communication would also be important - perhaps not all targets can be seen from each location, so the shooters have to assess who can see what targets.

In another scenario, perhaps there are 5 somewhat hidden targets in a given area, and the team must work together to locate and engage those targets.

Suggested Team Equipment:
-Range Finder
-Headlamp / Flashlight; Helpful for positions in dimly lit rooms
-Compass; Some stages may provide a target azimuth.

Hunter Format Info

Hunter Format:
We will be generally following established Hunter style match rules, however, there will be no minimum power factor, no classes, and the only divisions will be Heavy Gun (over 12lbs) and Light Gun (under 12lbs).  This is an individual format- no teams for the hunter segment.

Stages for these matches are generally straight forward; there are no stage descriptions, other than which stage format to expect:

  1. One Target, Four Positions
  2. Two Targets, Two Positions
  3. Four Targets, One Position

Each stage is to consist of 4 target engagements (combination of targets/positions) and 8 rounds, allowing for up to two rounds per engagement.  Targets are scored as first round impact, 2 points.  Second round impact, 1 point.  Once an impact is made, it is a dead target.  So to clean a stage, you would fire four rounds in four engagements, and pick up 8 points.  

Example stage scoring:
Engagement 1: First round impact, pick up 2 points, move to engagement 2
Engagement 2: First round miss, second round impact; pick up 1 point, move to engagement 3.
Engagement 3: First and second round miss, no points awarded, move to engagement 4
Engagement 4: First round impact, pick up 2 points, stage complete.
Total points:  5 points

Suggested equipment:
Range Finder or mil-relation formula quick card & calculator
Notepad & Pen
Good shooting bag
Good bipod
Hydration system or large water bottle
Kestrel and/or good data to 1100 yards


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